Welcome to Electronic Specialists.

Electronic Specialists are Industrial Electronic Engineers involved in manufacturing and servicing of electronic automation equipment including telemetry & SCADA systems since 1985.

Farmtrenz farm monitoring systems

Farmtrenz is a new division of Electronic Specialists dedicated to the design, manufacturing and servicing of electronic farm monitoring systems for effluent, weather stations, water bores and fences.


Electronic Specialists has its own in-house electronics Service department. Its main objective is to provide local support for the farming, industrial and retail industries in Southland, in the southern part of New Zealand.


Electronic Specialists' Software division produces all software for its entire range of niche products. Because this software is developed in-house it integrates seamlessly with products in our Design and Manufacturing departments. We also provide programming services to a large number of clients in the SCADA and Industrial Control markets.


Electronic Specialists' Manufacturing department produces a number of innovative niche products. A large number of these products are currently in use throughout the world in countries like Australia, USA, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Holland, Belgium, France, Schweiz, Austria, Germany, Poland, UK, Ireland and Spain as well as New Zealand.